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Trusting your belongings to a storage facility is a big decision. We fully understand this and take pride in the level of security we provide at ROCKET Self Storage. With security measures like a fenced-in perimeter, electronic gate access, video surveillance, and lighted storage units, you can confidentially store your belongings at our convenient San Diego location in Point Loma.

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Fenced-In Perimeter and Electronic Gate Access

With a fenced-in/walled-in perimeter and coded access, only ROCKET Self Storage customers have access to the confines of our facility.

Lighted Storage Units

We don’t just want your belongings to be safe at our facility. Your comfort and safety is just as important. Lighted storage units help you to have a safe and comfortable experience while at ROCKET Self Storage.

Video Surveillance

With video cameras installed in all areas of our storage facility, video surveillance helps to deter any attempts of theft from happening in the first place.If it’s important enough for you to store, it’s important enough to choose a storage facility that can protect it. ROCKET Self Storage offers premium security so that you can rest easy storing your things at our Point Loma location in San Diego.

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